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Tempo Run

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Muscles trained:

Quadriceps, Tibialis anterior, Gastrocnemius, Soleus, Calf muscle, Biceps femoris hamstrings, Semimembranosus hamstrings, Semitendinosus hamstrings

Assistant muscles:

Gluteus maximus, Gluteus medius, Gluteus minimus



Find your favorite music and remember to put on your pulse watch.


Tempo means that you should lie just above the border where the body produces lactic acid. This jogging split into three different sessions so that the body does not get used to it.

  1. The first trip / week you drive 9.6 km.
  2. The second trip / week is jogging 11.2 km.
  3. The third trip / week is jogging 12.8 km.

Then start the first week again.



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